Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Glacier National Park is just hugely beautiful, it just takes your breath away…….which is why we spent eight whole days there and why we waited in a long line to get into the park! The new growth is extra bright neon green from the abundant snowfall melt over this past year and the rivers and lakes are full to the top and crystal clear. We hiked, drove, ate and shopped. We actually hiked 15 miles over four days to beautiful lakes, overlooks, etc. and what we couldn’t hike to, we drove to!  Honestly, the beauty just never ends, whether one is driving or hiking. We were lucky to share this with some old RV friends who joined us, and some new ones we met along the way….you know who you are!

We took a hike to Avalanche Lake, about 6 miles round trip. One part of the hike is thru acres of felled trees, but why did they fall uphill?  Well, two years ago the glacier above the lake had a huge avalanche and when it hit the bottom at the lake, it caused a 140 mph wind that instantly blew all the timber over……..ah, Mother Nature is not always kind! Another hike we took was a trail shared with horses; horses make big doodoo, mosquitoes love doodoo and Sybil.  Thank you, Lanacaine Ointment and Benadryl!

Everything in GNP was named by the Indians in the area. The 52 mile main road thru GNP is translated – not to “Road to the Sun”, or “Road Going to the Sun” – but, “The Going-To-The-Sun Road”, and is shortened on road signs to Sun Road. The road is switchback and narrow and ascends/descends 6K feet between the valley floor and Logan Pass, elevation 8K+.

Sadly, the glaciers are disappearing. They are melting so fast that it is scientifically calculated based on today’s climate that the glaciers will be gone sometime between 2020 and 2030.  I hope I’m still around when they have the re-naming contest……..

Peter and I have traveled quite a lot of the world and 4 years ago decided to see the US. I’m here to tell you that our National Park System rivals any one of the Seven Wonders of the World and the stark beauty of the Pacific Northwest area has few peers.    America, the Beautiful!

 Picnic at Virginia Falls

 View looking down into valley from The Road Going To The Sun

 Virginia Falls from below

 Virginia Falls at the top base

Wild flowers  on a trail

Glaciers from the Sun Road

On the trail

10AM going into the park....and same long line behind us!

Logan Pass 8100ft+

Lake McDonald with no wind

Mountain goats on the road

McDonald Lake

Avalanche Lake

Virginia Falls

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  1. Lovely, you guys, just lovely. Again, I thank you for doing all this for me so I don't have to. I agree, Our National Parks are the best. Photos are super.