Sunday, June 19, 2011

Mosquitoes and Mormons!

We pulled into this very pretty RV park in Provo, hooked up and decided to take a walk along the posted "River Walk". We hadn't gone 50 feet when we found ourselves covered with mosquitoes and took off down the bank back to the RV and nursed our wounds, abaut 20 bites each....yuck!
However, there are snow-capped mountains everywhere due to the vast amount of snow Utah had this year and the scenery is beautiful. We drove around BYU campus yesterday and it started pouring last night but we managed to get ourselves up at 6AM so we could drive, in the rain, 45 miles to the Mormon Tabernacle Sunday broadcast in Salt Lake City. Wow, wow...what a bucket list item that is! They've been broadcasting 1/2 hour every Sunday morning at 9:30AM all over the world since 1929. There must be 250 in the choir, 1/2 each men and women; the men all wearing black suits, white shirts and red ties; the women in blue robes and each wearing a thin necklace chain that shimmered as they sang. Accompanying the choir was an orchestra of probably 100, mostly strings and the fabulous organ! The audience was packed, the place probably seats 600-800 and most of us were first timers. The choir sang a few light-weight religious songs then "Sunrise, Sunset" from Fiddler and a rousing "He's Got the Whole World in His Hands". The audience had to be very still until the broadcast finished then there was a huge, loud standing ovation. The whole thing was truly glorious, we loved it, even the attempted prosyletizing by the hosts afterwards! We then had a huge breakfast at SLC's famous Market Grill.
Tomorrow we go up the road to Ogden for a few nights.
It's still raining.....more later!
 Mormon Tabernacle
 The Narrows at Zion
 Sevier River
 Lakeside RV Park
View from RV Park

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