Thursday, June 30, 2011


Oh boy! Oh boy! When you start out that way, you know it’s something really bad or really good, in this case, it’s really good! We’re in Idaho, in an RV Park on Interstate 95 somewhere between McCall and Riggins; Riggins being the “whitewater capital of the world” and named after a mailman. Actually, in 1850 it was named “Gouge Eye City” after a bar fight with a similar result. Anyway, the main activities here are salmon fishing, off-roading, and rafting. We’ve taken 2 very exciting off-road trips in the Jeep with some other “Jeepsters” over the last 2 days; way up in the surrounding mountains into the snow which is still on the ground. Our RV park, on the banks of the Little Salmon River is at 1,500’ and our wonderful filthy silver jeep climbed to 6,000’ feet today, climbing rocky outcroppings and crossing thru muddy water. I drive the Jeep up and Peter takes it down. We’ve had to deflate the tires so the poor thing can crawl up and down steep, rocky places, then we inflate them when we get back to the park. You can see from the off-road pix….don’t look down! There are many trails we've not been able to explore because of the immense amount of snow that fell this year that hasn't melted.

If we wish to fish for salmon we have to buy a license -$38 each for 3 days, and all the fishing gear - $100+ for decent stuff, plus the $5.00 for roe…..actually they are biting big time and on anything. Considering the Payute Indians are catching them with nets and selling them just up the highway for $20/fish, I think we’ll support the Payutes! More later.....

Canyon Pines RV Park
From high-up off roading!

 Stopped for the view.

Up about 5,000'

 The Escapee Offroad Gang!

A panorama shot

At the snow-line offroading

The Little Salmon..our RV Park!

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  1. Not Stephanie, me. I am so happy you two are doing all this wonderful
    nature stuff so I never, ever have to! It looks like goreous country and I know you're having fun. I'm having fun just NOT doing what you're doing! Love the photos, keep them coming.