Saturday, July 2, 2011


That would be Hell’s Canyon on the Snake River, going up river on a jet boat! It was truly beautiful with the contrast of new growth against the massive steep, rocky hills. The river is very high this time of year so we encountered lots of fast water of course. The floor of Hell’s Canyon is around 1,800’ in elevation and the highest point of the canyon crest is 9,000+ so we were waaaaay down there. It was a one and a half hour drive up and down a ruddy dirt/gravel road to get there, starting at about 3,000’ elevation and we even managed to get lost! On the river we were lucky enough to see a herd of mountain goats, shedding their winter coats, that were drinking at the river’s edge. We saw a big ram big-horn sheep and his mate on the cliffs, 3 foxes and 3 bald eagles……..a very productive day indeed! It was raining some of the time but a very pleasant temp…….it can get up to 115 down there, so we were lucky. We stopped at the historic Kirkwood defunct sheep ranch (now a small museum) and wondered through the old buildings and picked cherries……it was very funky and picturesque. After getting soaked on the way back to the landing, we said goodbye to our guides and arrived back in camp just in time for a yummy catered dinner. We’re taking an “off” day today but tomorrow……taa daa……rafting on the “River of No Return” (Salmon). There is so much water here this year from the awesome snow melts that it has been promised to be a 3.5+ ride…..wetsuits and helmets and lifejackets required…..yea!!! We’ll let you know………….

 Hell's Canyon

 9,000' to the top

 Jet Boats going up river

Where we got lost driving to the boat launch.

Mountain goat shedding

 Peter & Sybil..old sheep ranch

Shower outside an old cabin

Historic Kirbywood sheep ranch, & still!

Sybil pushing down a giant tree.

Trail to the still

Awesome scenery


Trip home (1.5 hrs)

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  1. God, what a gorgeous country we have! Love your photos and am thrilled
    not to ever have to do any of this. You are such a great friend to be
    doing this for me.
    Stay safe, don't stand up or anything when you're not supposed to.