Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Another Old Roadies adventure is over, but…….another one will start soon. In the meantime, we’ve returned to this really nice, modern RV park for 5 days to clean up ourselves, the RV and the Jeep. After a week of off-roading and river rafting we kinda looked like true trailer trash. The silver jeep was brown, the RV was dirty and somewhat smelly and we were moderately scruffy. The park had only a communal dump for the RV holding tanks but the sites themselves were slanted and it was quite a chore to get the coach even somewhat level so we decided to wait until we left (a week later) to dump the tanks as we didn’t want to go thru the cumbersome leveling process again…….PU! However, the park did have great showers, restrooms and laundry facilities and it was very beautiful, and we made lots of new friends...isn't that really what it's all about?! We had three dinners catered by locals and a night of very folksy/country entertainment from three female residents of Riggins.
River rafting turned out to be rather mild….there is really too much water in the Salmon River for good rapids, but we did have fun and the rapids were maybe 2-2+ but no more than that.
Peter and I took a 23 mile drive up the Salmon and as we were picnicking on the side of the road, a woman in a truck stopped to ask if we had car problems. That led to a beer and a lot of good conversation and an area history lesson on the deck of their 10K sf house on 116 acres…..the very nice Foys…..our new best friends!
Last night was July 4th and we went to Caldwell and sat in our chairs on a vantage-point hill with several hundred others to watch the fireworks which were quite spectacular. On to Bend, OR on Friday then to Redmond for the Rally, 7/11-17 where we can spend $$ for RV stuff we don’t really need. And yes, everything is clean now!

 Fireworks in Caldwell/Boise

Our boat, can you find us?

Our boat

Not our boat but my
favorite pic!

Our boat

Beautiful Idaho

Beautiful Idaho again

Friday nite entertainment
at the campground

The Foys

French Creek, 23 miles
up the Salmon

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