Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Ah, such adventure! We left beautiful Boise “The City of Trees” and drove 290+- miles to Bend where we stayed at the Goose Poop RV Park, actually called Sundance Meadows, so guess why I renamed it?! 100 beautiful geese slowly walking around eating and pooping. So we had goose poop, electricity………..and water but no dump which is a very dangerous combination because water use tends to far exceed gray water holding tank capacity! We enjoyed Bend and the 25th cruise street anniversary fair and the good food for 3 days. We then dumped our nearly overflowing tanks and drove the 20 miles to Redmond to the Deschutes Fairground where we attended The Rally, a Good Sam (that’s an huge US RV association) event with 3,000 RV’s attending for a week.
We arrived early on Monday 7/11 so we could participate in a “give back to the community” volunteer day at the Sisters Hospice. We gardened, spread mulch, pulled weeds and cleaned up and completely transformed the grounds into a really lovely spot for the patients to enjoy. We really felt good about it and want to do more volunteer work.
The rally itself was Wednesday-Sunday and we attended seminars, bought stuff, and made new and saw old friends (that’s one of the best parts of RVing!) and it rained some. We spent one whole day buying a coach, reneging then doing it again……the salespeople grew to hate us! We had only a 30 amp electric hookup, no water or dump so on day 6 we ran completely out of water and our tanks were completely filled to the top. Not so bad with the gray water but imagine “that other tank”! Enough said…..we had a great time and it was a great experience.
We dumped (seems to be a prevalent part of RVing, doesn’t it?) our tanks at a gas station then drove 250+- miles arriving in wallawallawa (OK……Walla Walla, Washington) last evening and are enjoying today doing laundry and cleaning up.

So tell us the truth, for those of you who do not RV, does all this sound like fun??

More later, we walk into Walla Walla tomorrow, just ½ a mile from our RV park, and do some wine tasting!

 The Front Door Chapel in Biggs, ID...even truck drivers pray sometimes!

 RV ladies cleaning up the rose garden at Sisters Hospice

 Finishing touches at Sisters Hospice

Finished! Who is that in the overalls on the left? Who is the guy next to her?

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